Listerine Cool Mint PocketPaks

The front of the package

I’ve seen these things around for a couple of months now but it
never was stocked in large groceries until recently. This is Listerine
Cool Mint PocketPaks, sold as “oral care strips” but works like breath
freshener. Consuming something with a Listerine brand might seem
unpalatable, but these things are actually really good. You’re supposed
to dissolve one strip in your mouth and add another one “for an added
burst of flavor” if you want.

The back of the package

The strips looks fairly thick, but they dissolve quickly and easily.
The cashier at Coles asked me whether I’ve had them before and what
they taste like. Well, it doesn’t taste unpleasant, au contraire, it
tastes absolutely fabulous. I told her it tastes like really strong
mints, which is true, but it also has that Listerine effect where you
get a rush of tingly fresh air when you inhale.

Listerine PocketPak still in wrap

I like to take 3 of them in quick succession, I feel that is the
best way to do it. It actually makes you tongue tingle slightly and the
best thing about these things is it’s really small. The PocketPak is
about the size of a SD/MMC card. Or a postage stamp if you’re not
familiar with the size of those things. Great stuff. Mmm…tingly…

Listerine PocketPak with one of the strips showing

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