Sin Kwang Foochow Big Pau

foochow big pau

There is a shop in Jalan Padungan selling Foochow Big Paus. I passed
by while driving to work today and decided to check out the place to
see how large these buns actually are. I was not disappointed.

big pau display

There is only one option if you want the big (huge) pau – the
chicken ones. It goes for RM 2 – ask for Chicken Pau (Big) and you’ll
get what you want. Behold the sheer girth of the Foo Chow big pau:

big pau size
Bigger is better!

I’ve put it beside my drink and a couple of coins for a size
comparison. It’s much bigger than the largest offerings of McDonald’s
or Burger King. There’s also one of those squeezable bottles containing
chilli sauce that’s provided with the bun (a pau is a bun containing
meat inside), but IMHO it spoils the taste of the huge chicken paus.

big pau inside

Here’s a photo showing the inside of the big pau. It has chicken
(obviously) and egg. The chicken isn’t the grinded up kind but actual
chicken chunks. I was a little appalled by the size of the bun and the
big pau will be enough as lunch for most people.

Now, if only I could figure out why they call it Foochow Big Pau when all the shop proprietors converse in Hokkien…

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