Kiss Me – Orange Ginger

kiss me orange ginger

This is the classic Kiss Me “cough drops” in the Orange Ginger
variety. I like this flavor compared to the other varieties like cherry
(too cloying), blueberry (hmm…) etc. There is a small picture of a
woman coughing on the sweet packaging:

kiss me girl

Despite the apparent target market, Kiss Me candies are eaten as
normal sweets. I used to remember them being widely available and
they’re in the top 5 most popular sweets when I was in primary and high

kiss me sweet

This is what the orange ginger type looks like. There are bits of
slightly darker orange embedded in the candy – I suppose that’s the
“ginger” bit in “orange ginger”.

I have no angst filled posts to make because nothing bothers me. I
keep up with news but I feel no urge to add further commentary.
Benzodiazepines – the Soma of Brave New World. I have become less
human, uncaring and unfeeling. Or more human than human, evolving
beyond the petty issues and folly that concerns mere mortals. ;)
Depending on which way you want to look at it really…half empty, half

Of course, here at we always aim to please. That last
bit was all tongue in cheek and is not meant to offend. Jesus Christ,
chill out already, have a Xanax or something, you guys are so strung
out. ;)

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