Hard! Hard! Mi Goreng

hard hard mi goreng perisa ketam

This inappropriately named snack was found at a grocery store near
my workplace today. It says Hard Hard Mi Goreng Perisa Ketam, or Hard
Hard Crab Flavored Fried Noodles.

hard hard logo

This is what the Hard Hard logo looks like. It rather resembles a
phallic structure with some sheath over it, presumably to avoid er…crabs. The logo even has shows having its cap “blown off” the top, so to speak.

hard hard keropok

This is what Hard Hard keropok looks like. We now know that it not only has crabs, but genital warts as well…

However, I’m rather dubious about marketing crab infested and wart
filled phalluses (phalli?) as edible material towards children. This is
a very dangerous precedent to instill towards young, impressionable
minds. I think I’ll write a letter to the Consumers Association of
Malaysia to convey my concerns about this disquieting product. Excuse

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