Press release and the amazing dragon fruit based tart

ha shirt

We got our company shirts (meant for the exhibition, but we wore it today for the press conference anyway) today.

[Deleted: Three papers published it, two with my photo, one with a ghost photo.]

Here are the refreshments, personally made by a home baker (not selling to the public):

amazing dragon fruit tarts

This is a wonderful fruit tart – it has dragon fruit
[] (first time I’ve seen this in a fruit tart), kiwi fruit
and a slice of apple. It’s wonderful – best I’ve ever had. The company
ordered a lot from the home baker (friend of one of the management) so
we managed to eat our fill as well.

home made savory pie

Here’s a savory pie – it has meat, peas, carrots and various things in a crumbly crust. It’s good.

home made sweet pie

This is the sweet pie – with a mix of fruits inside. This one got sapu really fast so the photo is a lonely single pie.

triple sandwich

This triple filling sandwich is also very popular – made with grain
bread and having two crispy, finely shredded vegetables with another
meat based one. It has a nice mix of colors, very appealing.

Bottled water is also available, but I’m sure no one wants to see that.

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