Chix floss egg roll

chix floss egg roll

This is chix floss egg roll. I forward a proposal to behead the person to coined the term chix in place of chicken.

chix floss egg rolls

Chicken floss egg roll looks like a solid roll of omelet egg filled
with chicken floss. It costs RM 1.70 each at Taka bakery. It’s good for
breakfast, these things.

chix floss egg open

It opens up to reveal soft a soft bread roll, slathered with that
semen consistency Special Sauce (okay, so it’s mayo :p). The egg covers
the entire pastry, providing a chewy texture to the chix floss egg
roll. The bread roll is covered with mayo and given a generous dusting
of chicken floss at the sides.

chix floss egg close

It’s divine.

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