Big nuts

japan big nuts

I have a bag of really big nuts. No, it’s not what you think, but
thanks, I have a set of really big nuts too. πŸ˜‰ I’ve been told that I’m
a little nuts as well, but that’s besides the point and the wordplay is
getting cheesy.

japan big nuts logo

The product I’m referring to though is this bag of big assorted
nuts. It’s made in Japan and retails for RM 19.50 for a large packet of
individually wrapped assorted nuts. I brought it to the office today.

japan big nuts five

The packaging on these snacks is very aesthetically pleasing, as
with most products originating from Japan. The packs are ingeniously
shaped like a pyramid, and opening it makes the packet “flat” for
easier extraction of nuts. There are five different varieties of nuts
and snacks in the pack.

japan big nuts green

The first packet is green and since I can’t read Japanese, I can’t
say for sure what kind of nuts it contains, but inference from taste
and sight suggest that it’s not a common nut.

japan big nuts green nuts

Here’s a look inside the green packet. I’m not sure what this
particular variety of nut is called…I’ve had them before, and it’s
not cashew nuts, peanuts, macadamia nuts or pistachios. It’s a crumbly
sort of nut with a lingering texture that sticks after you’re done
chewing them.

japan big nuts pink

The second packet is pink and the nuts on the packet illustration shows a familiar sight.

japan big nuts pink nuts

It’s peanuts with a twist – the nuts are coated with a sweet and
sticky substance and have dried seaweed (nori) pieces on it. It tastes
good, nori and peanuts naturally go well together.

japan big nuts yellow

This is the yellow pack and it’s the first to feature a non-nut product.

japan big nuts yellow nuts

The contents feature deep fried rice puffs with the same sweet
coating that’s on the peanuts pack. This is the best one from the pack.

japan big nuts blue

Next up is the blue colored pack, which contains another non-nut product.

japan big nuts blue nuts

It’s filled with long snacks which tastes really bland. It’s also
made from deep fried rice based flour and has bits of what seems like
peanut skin in it. Unlike the other pack contents, this one is neither
salty nor sweet…it’s just…bland.

japan big nuts orange

The last pack is orange colored and it’s a mix of nuts and snacks.

japan big nuts orange nuts

There are plain salted peanuts inside as well as deep fried salty
rice sticks. It’s a nice, if common, integration of nuts and snacks.

There are some good offerings in the big nuts pack, but the best
thing about the snack pack is in the presentation – it just looks good.

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