Nestle Extra Creamy & Fruity Fruits of the Forest Yogurt

nestle extra creamy yogurt range

Nestle came out with an “Extra Creamy & Fruity” addition to
their existing range of yoghurt – which is a good thing, with all the
“Low Fat” and low carbohydrates trend in the food industry. Some of us like
our food to be rich and indulgent. I personally prefer the decadent, if
you will, versions of food instead of the healthier choice. You only
live once. πŸ˜‰

nestle extra creamy yogurt

Anyway, to support this move towards catering for the more
hedonistic palates in the consumer market, I bought one of the Nestle
Extra Creamy & Fruity Fruits of the Forest yoghurt. They have a
wide range of different flavors, but Fruits of the Forest sounds good
to me. It just evokes this image of various different fruits, fused
into the yoghurt.

nestle extra creamy close

Nestle Extra Creamy & Fruity line tastes great too! It is
exactly what it claims to be – extra creamy and fruity. I loved it. It
also comes in the smaller packaging with a plastic foldable spoon.

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