Sobranie Mints cigarettes

sobranie mints

Sobranie is a London based cigarette brand and Sobranie Mints is one
of their slim cigarette product lines. Sobranie Mints are not available
in Malaysia, as far as I know, but I managed to get a pack of these,
courtesy of Irene. Thanks!

sobranie mints back

This pack of Sobranie Mints is from Korea and the back of the pack
describes it as “A menthol cigarette of style and distinction from the
famous House of Sobranie”. These cigarettes are definitely different
from the first look – the pack is long and thin.

sobranie mints specialty cigarettes

Sobranie Mints are marketed as specialty cigarettes and retails for
much higher than normal premium cigarette brands, from what I gather
from the prices on the Internet cigarette retailers. It certainly looks
nice, with the blue-green hued graphics…

sobranie mints made uk

This particular pack is made in the UK despite the Korean
characters. It’s an ultra light cigarette with 5 mg tar and 0.5 mg

sobranie mints pack compare

Here’s a size comparison to give perspective to the dimensions of
the Sobranie Mints cigarette pack. It’s much longer and slimmer than
regular King Sized cigarettes.

sobranie mints foil

The pack is lined with gold foil with “Sobranie” inscribed on it.

sobranie mints cigarettes

The Sobranie Mint cigarettes have a nice greenish blue hue on the
filters, which slowly tapers off as it reaches the end. The tip of the
filter has a gold band and letters spelling SOBRANIE, also in gold. The
cigarette body is inscribed with “Mints”, written in the same bluish
green color, in italics and underscored. This is one classy cigarette…

sobranie mints filter holes

Here’s a closer look at the Sobranie Mints filter – notice the two arrays of airflow holes…

sobranie mints cigarette compare

This is another side-by-side comparison to a regular cigarette.
Sobranie Mints are much longer and slimmer, with an equally generous

sobranie mints cigarette

Sobranie Mints are fun to smoke. It feels strange to hold such a
slim and almost fragile cigarette instead of the regular sized ones.
Sobranie Mints smokes well too, with nice notes of mint dominating the
tobacco taste. It’s well made and burns nice and long, producing a very
satisfying smoke.

sobranie mints end

I finished the pack of Sobranie Mints before I knew it. It really is
that good. I wouldn’t say that it’ll replace your regular cigarettes,
but these things are so fun to smoke that you can’t help but smoke
every one of them…

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