South Yarra

I’ve had a pretty busy day today. Woke up early to meet with my Industrial Experience group
mates in South Yarra and worked on the assignment for a couple of hours. I went to Soda Rock after
that to have a late lunch. Soda Rock is a diner near Jam Factory in South Yarra. I’ve never been
there before though. The food is okay but the service is really good for a diner. It has an
authentic 40’s feel, and it looks like Pop’s Diner in the Archie comics to me. Anyway, I had to go
to the library after that so I went back to Clayton. I’m really sleepy now, so I think I’m not
making much sense anyway. I am going to go and die my small death.

View from the counter at Soda Rock. The ketchup says he’s happy.

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