How I climbed the St John Cathedral bell tower and other short stories

Getting up close and personal with Mary Fatima.


There is a mysterious upper level at St John’s Cathedral. I wasn’t
aware of it until a warden told us that there are more seats upstairs.


Sure enough, there it was – an outcropping overlooking the ground level.


I was attracted to this ladder on both sides of the level.


I peered up and it seemed to be the ladder for the bell towers.
Curiosity impelled me to brave the bird poo stained ladders and climb
to the top of the right one. The ladder goes up to a level overlooking
the book store. One of the attendants heard my less than subtle ascent,
peered up questioningly and frowned in my general direction.


However, I was not to be dissuaded from my quest to the bell platform, so I scaled the next ladder, and then the next.


Soon, I reached the last ladder leading up to the bell, which seems
to be sitting on top of a wooden support. I climbed up the last ladder
to present to you…


A view from the top. Wait ah, the bell photo is coming up. You can
actually fall into the book store if you wanted too, just keep right
while falling down and you’ll drop right through the top of the book
store. You might break a couple of bones and possibly injure something
other than books.


Here is the ancient looking church bell. I suspect it’s not used
anymore due to the impressive layer of bird droppings on the stair
steps and railings. There is an inscription on the bell itself:


The bell is called Mary Fatima.

Novo Millennio Ineunte


The wardens passed us this booklet today. It says:

Silver Jubilee of the Pontification of His Holiness Pope John Paul II
Eucharistic Celebration
10:30 am, Sunday 26th October, 2003
St. John’s Catheral
Kuala Lumpur

There is a typo on the glossy cover, if you haven’t noticed. It says
‘Catheral’ instead of ‘Cathedral’. I kinda had my own private pursuits
(the abovementioned journey to the bell) and also zoned out a bit so I
wasn’t sure what was going on but there was this scene at the end:


There were “light refreshments” served after the event at an ad hoc tent erected on the lawn after mass.


They were giving away cincau drink (without cin cau jelly)/lychee drink and curry puff/a slice of cake.


The volunteers with the tables of packet drinks and pre-wrapped food.

Anytime is Makan Time

Restoran Maju Curry House
I had Special Beriyani Majura. Today’s special is Nasi Beriyani Ayam Kampong.


I like how they have these boiled quail eggs in the rice. Very nice indeed.


There was a Nasi Dalca selection beside it and I took another drumstick. It looked good in the gravy. This is my plate:


There was also a plate of sotong curry which we shared. It had large complete sotongs with everything intact.


Anytime is Makan Time.

The End.

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