Tasik Biru


I went to this lake yesterday but didn’t have time to write it up
until today. It’s this natural (that’s what I heard) lake a couple of
minutes down the road from the Sibu Hospital. There aren’t any signs
pointing to this lake and it seems to be a word of mouth thing. You
have to turn down an unmarked dirt road until you pass a wooden house
and the lake is to the right of the house. It’s the only house down
that dirt road, so you won’t miss it. The lake looks greenish to me
(Tasik Hijau?) but it really is quite pretty and peaceful.


There are a lot of interesting formations near the lake, and several
hills made of clay. I went with a couple of friends and we just sat on
a hill overlooking the lake, singing songs as loud as we could. Nice
place to go to if you want to just chill out or something.


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