Zaharah Hotel Apartments, Kota Kinabalu

zaharah RM 75

Zaharah Hotel Apartment is a new Muslim Chinese operated hotel/serviced apartments in Api-Api Center
in Kota Kinabalu. It’s located at the same block and area as Paramount
Service Hotel and Apartments – it seems that the management has rented
out some units to be rebranded as Zaharah Hotel Apartment. Paramount
Service Hotel and Apartments (RM 68++) is all out of their lower end
rooms, leaving only the RM 238++ 3-bedroom apartment suites, so we
decided to look for alternative accommodations and chanced across this
Zaharah Hotel Apartments advertisement for RM 75 nett.

zaharah room

We had just gotten back from Mt. Kinabalu, and being extremally
exhausted, we just took the room and booked it for two nights (RM 150
nett). It’s a very nice deal, considering the excellent service and the
comfortable beds (with clean towels and a new bar of soap on each bed).

zaharah toilet

The toilets are relatively clean and come with an embedded heated
water shower unit. It looks rather like Paramount Hotel and Service
Apartments except that Zaharah Hotel Apartments has…

zaharah mystery room

…a mysterious room which serves no practical or imaginable purpose.

zaharah vanity

Zaharah Hotel Apartments is also equipped with a TV and a vanity
mirror. There is also air conditioning and blinds that leads out…

zaharah balcony

…to a balcony. Nice!

zaharah kitchen

There is also a full fledged kitchen with a fridge, oven/stove top combo and a dish washing area.

zaharah pot

There were also new cooking utensils like pots and so forth and
being so tired, we just cooked dinner in the hotel apartment facilities
and hit the sack.

P/S – I’ve conquered Mt. Kinabalu – it was
torturous and I hurt all over, but it was worth the pain and altitude
sickness. I was the only one in our group to reach the summit and it
was punishing to push myself to the limits, but it was amazing! I will
write about it when I get back – I will have much more resources then.

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