Bangkok Transit System (BTS) guide


BTS or the Bangkok Transit System is the fastest and cheapest way to get around Bangkok. BTS is a train much like the LRT and they offer airport services via the BTS Skytrain network too.

bts tickets

The BTS trains are operated using a coupon system – the tickets are bought at the respective train stations…

bts turnstiles

…and used in the turnstiles to exit or enter the station.

bts phaya thai

The train station closest to Siam City Hotel Bangkok is Phaya Thai station (3 minutes walk) and the BTS network connects this station to stations which are in Pat Pong, Siam Square, Siam Paragon etc. Basically, you can get to anywhere you want to go in Bangkok city using the BTS.

bts ticket

This is what a BTS ticket looks like – it’s a coin operated vendor machine dispensed magnetic strip card that has a preloaded value onto it. Two train stops costs just 15 baht (about RM 1.50) so it’s the most affordable method to get around Thailand.

bts train

BTS trains are long and relatively new, much like its counterpart in Melbourne, Australia except that it runs on suspended rails instead of on the ground.

bts interior

Here is a peek inside a BTS train. It’s usually packed with people at all times of the hour but the same thing can be said of Bangkok.

bts on nut

Sure, the BTS connects you to strange stations like On Nut and Mo Chit but get around the initial chuckle with the names and you’ll be fine. πŸ™‚


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