KLIA Golden Lounge Domestic review

gc klia domestic

I took a Business Class flight on my plane back to Kuching from KL and managed to enjoy the fine facilities the KLIA Domestic Golden Lounge has to offer. There are two Golden Lounges at KLIA – the more discerning International one and the Domestic one.

gc klia ticket

The Domestic Golden Lounge is meant for domestic flights like KL->KCH and access is validated through the boarding pass at the main reception area of the Golden Lounge which is manned by a MAS airlines staff.

gc klia lounge

The interior of the Domestic Golden Lounge is full of boring business types (myself excluded ;)) reading the papers and other journals that this Golden Club class lounge provides. There is also a TV tuned into CNN.

gc klia food area

The best thing about the KLIA Golden Lounge (and other Golden Lounges) is the food. Everything is free inside the Golden Lounge from the OJ that you drink to the TP that you wipe your ass with. Perhaps that’s not quite subtle imagery, but you get what I mean.

gc klia bread

There are endless supplies (the staff refills them) of sandwiches, baguettes and pastries of any denomination you can think of.

gc klia buffet

There are toasters and bread with deli cuts for denominations you can’t think about. There is also a small buffet area of cooked food down the end of the photo.

gc klia drinks

The drinks are free as well and there is orange juice, milk and a selection of canned beverages.

gc klia plate

I helped myself to the free food…

gc klia food

…and went for seconds.

gc klia flight menu

I ate again on the plane and I like it how they trust you with proper porcelain and cutlery at 35,000 feet when you’re riding Business Class/Golden Club Class.

gc klia flight menu open

I think I rather approve. πŸ˜‰


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