USB chargers and Tiramisu

Well, my cell phone charger died on me again yesterday. At that time my
cell phone battery was really low and I needed to have it on to coordinate
my group projects so I decided to head out to the campus center mobile
phone shop to get another charger. Unfortunately, the girl there couldn’t
find a T-28 charger so she gave me a pen with the store’s number and told
me to call them at around 5 pm when the owner comes back. Well, I didn’t
want to wait until 5 pm because if it turns out that they don’t have one
in stock, I’ll be stuck with a flat battery the whole day. Thus, I headed
down to Clayton to see if the mobile phone shops there are still open. On
a whim, I went to a computer hardware shop first because it has come to my
attention that there are USB cell phone chargers out now. I was a bit
doubtful that the computer shop will carry any coz this is Clayton after
all and USB cell phone chargers aren’t very widely available anyway. Well,
guess what…they do carry a T-28 USB charger and it goes for only A$15.

What luck. Basically, USB chargers work by drawing the power from the
computer supply instead of a power outlet. I have one spare USB port on my
powered USB hub so this is good indeed, since my computer is on most of
the time anyway.

Anyway, I happened to pass by McDonald’s after that and I saw that the

New Tastes Menu
[] has been updated again and this
time the country featured is Italy. I got a Romano Chicken Burger meal,
the Herb Bread and the Tiramisu dessert. I didn’t like the napolitana
sauce in the Romano Chicken Burger and the Herb Bread is pretty dismal
compared to the garlic bread available at Monash Pizza, an Italian run
pizza place 10 minutes from my halls. The tiramisu was pretty good though.
I ramble.

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