I have to use the lifts to take a piss…


I was confronted by this sign and a locked door in the male toilets
of 16th floor Kenanga International (where XM is)…I got my digicam
and went to take a photo of it and then this guy came along and looked
at me one kind. Heh. I told him the toilet is locked so he’ll have to
go down to the 15th floor to relieve himself.

Here’s a photo of the 15th floor toilet:


A leaking roof…dripping what is very possibly water from the
toilet bowl upstairs. It flowed down the mirror and dripped dripped
dripped into the sink, where my hands were. Right…


Incidentally, I saw the very same guy who gave me another strange
look but didn’t say anything. Perhaps toilets and digicams don’t mix.

Anyway, I’ve got stuff to do so bowling photos will be up tonight
ok? I’m supposed to be working now, so comments would be replied
sporadically starting from now when I take breaks. Thanks!

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