Janet, Wai Hing, VJ, TK Birthday @ XM Malaysia

“Happy Birthday to Janet Lee Wai Hing VJ. TK.” is the inscription on the cake.

The Secret Recipe cake pictured above was presented at 4:30 pm just
now at the office to celebrate the birthdays of XM Malaysia family
members Janet Lee, Wai Hing, Vijay and Tek Khoon. In true XM style,
everyone gathered around the lounge.

L-R: Wai Hing, TK, VJ, Janet.

This is Janet blowing the candles out.


Secret Recipe chocolate cake (with some kind of nut that I couldn’t identify) plus ice cream. Mmm…

Anyway, if anyone doesn’t know yet, all the photos I take in XM is
in Simon -> Drop -> (event name) in full resolution,
non-watermarked and without a text overlay.

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