Beautiful Day

It’s a bright and breezy day today, perfect for studying. I can’t seem to
take a good photo of the sky though, for some reason, it doesn’t look as
bright as it does in real life. Oh well, my webcam is not the best device
to take photos anyway. I managed to get some breakfast and coffee from the
dining hall and I’m all ready to hit the books with my big bottle of OJ
and Allen’s Party Mix – the confectionary of champions! Or
something…that could just be the coffee talking.


Sad looking toasted sandwich              
Allen’s Party Mix Hand-cam!

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1 thought on “Beautiful Day”

  1. Quite cool Mr. Elliot. I’m starved for missives from the mailbox. I’ll admit it, I even open junk mail. (Hey, maybe it’s a check with a lot of zeros at the end.) Such a sad existence for me when my a single a small rush of importance is ripping open junk mail. Bills can wait around, so a real letter sounds excellent. Will subscribe.
    Cheers, Iris


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