Reformatting woes

I finally got around to reformatting my computer. I was using a warez version of Windows XP and
even with an activation crack, it expired on me so I was forced to spend nearly the whole night on
reinstalling. It’s far too complicated to explain. Let it be known that I have 3 warez Windows XP

CD #1: Proven to work but scratched to the point of being unusable. Bootable.

CD #2: Proven to work only in my DVD drive. Unbootable.

CD #3: Recent burn using an ISO of a corporate edition. Not working.

Basically I took the longest route and finally gave up and reinstalled Windows Me. Mmm…it
crashes on me every 3 minutes. Nice. I would install Linux but unfortunately it does not have a
version of ICQ that works behind a HTTPS firewall. How sad.

Old trusty

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