Welp…I just got back from my Java mid semester test. It was pretty easy but I’m kicking myself
now for not studying the theory part more. I was led to believe that most of the marks will come
from modifying source code, but that part was just a measly 3 marks while the theory portion
carries 7 marks. Theory stuff is my forte too, so I wish I paid more attention to that. Oh well.
Anyway, I’m feeling like a drowned rat right now. It started raining at around 3 pm just now and I
went out with clad in only a shirt with a T shirt underneath. It wasn’t really cold when I left so
I didn’t think of bringing my coat along. Which inevitably makes it rain and drenched me while I
walked back from the campus center. Anyway, I didn’t get much sleep last night and what I had was a
caffeine fueled nightmarish nap, so I was feeling pretty sleepy when I got on the bus. It didn’t
help that I had a sandwich before and food always makes me sleepy. To top it off, the muzak playing
in the shuttle bus is a lullaby! I swear to God, it was a damned lullaby. Sweet Mary, mother of

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