Asses? Wrists? Backs? Where am I and what is this place?

More on the chair issue. I’ve already submitted a maintenance request form and I should get my
new chair tomorrow. I have given up on trying to sit on my sofa. It’s not that it’s uncomfortable,
on the contrary, with that pillow, my ass feels like he’s in heaven. It’s just that the books I use
to prop up the chair is small. I do not have a big ass, at least I don’t think so. =D The footprint
of my ass is larger than the books I use so parts of my ass are hanging off the edge. That is Not a
Nice FeelingTM and is liable to cause mild discomfort and a general feeling of ill ease.
Heh. Thus, to rectify this situation, I have swiveled my monitor sideways and as I’m typing this,
I’m sitting on my bed. This is a much more acceptable position, not only to my ass but to my wrists
as well. But now my back hurts coz beds do not have back support. Oh well, you can’t have

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