Attack of the Clones

I’m heading over to Chadstone Hoyts later to see the premiere of Attack of the Clones. Expect a
review up when I get back at around 02:30 AM + 1000 GMT. πŸ™‚

Here’s a joke for you people to enjoy:

There was a boy standing on a corner selling fish.

He was saying, “Dam fish for sale, dam fish for sale.”

A preacher walked up and asked why he was calling them dam fish.

The kid said, “I caught them at the dam, so they’re dam fish.”

The preacher bought some, took them home and asked his wife to cook the dam fish.

His wife looked at him in bewilderment and said, “Preachers aren’t supposed to talk like

The preacher explained why they were dam fish, and she agreed to cook them. When dinner was
ready and everyone was sitting down, the preacher asked his son to pass him the dam fish.

His son replied, “That’s the spirit dad. Pass the f**king potatoes!”

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