Sleep deprived

Just came back from a tiring day at school. I didn’t sleep last night to finish my Unix
programming assignment and I had to leave for a 10 am class. It’s just my luck that the tutor told
us it was okay to pass it up before Friday at 4 pm. I stayed up to finish my Documents and Imaging
Systems assignment earlier in this semester and the submission date was postponed as well due to
the lecturer leaving for Brisbane for a seminar. And the same thing happened with my Database
Systems assignment last semester. I wish that the assignments that get postponed are the ones I’m
having trouble with as opposed to the ones I’ve finished. Oh well, at least I have a bit of time to
add some features. Anyway, I saw that Chocfest 2002 (Melbourne Chocolate Festival) is being
held this weekend. I might drop by since I’m heading to Flemington this Saturday anyway.

Today is a rainy day, which makes the ground muddy. People like me shouldn’t wear light colored
clothes on a rainy day. That’s coz I track mud all over my pants. I saw several people wearing
white pants which weren’t stained with splashes of mud, so I’m force to conclude that there must be
something wrong with the way I walk. On a side note, Unix is the only thing I know of that can
reduce a grown man to tears. Manly tears, that is. πŸ˜‰

Off to the washing machine you go.

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