This is not good

This is my Java Unit Test. I got 5 out of 20. 3.0 for Part A, 2.0 for Part B and a total of 5.0.
Since this is worth 10 marks towards the final result, this means I got 2.5/10. That comes to 3
“real marks” after rounding up. Not a very good number by anyone’s book. I did notice that the
marks had been liquid papered due to a calculation error(?). It used to be 3.5 for A and 3.0 for B.
That gives 6.5 as the total, which is 4 real marks after rounding up. If I fail by one mark I’m
going to think about this paper.

Days till I get my digital camera: 2

If anyone noticed a numbering discrepancy, its coz I counted Saturday (the day I get my digicam)
as one day too, which isn’t quite right. Thus, I’ve cut the days by 1.

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