I like cross product marketing

Went to McDonald’s today to grab something to eat. I saw someone walking
this big furry dog, it was huge! The tail itself was as thick as my arm.
Interesting, only matched by the cat one of the Monash College admins
keep. That one is a huge thing too, and its funny to see her walk. I think
it’s a she anyway, I didn’t peer underneath to check. I would look strange
doing that coz the cat was on campus grounds and there are people walking
around. I tried carrying her once, and she’s real heavy. I think she
didn’t like it though, coz she struggled to get lose. It’s a nice feeling
though, picking up such a big sized cat. A nice heavy weight. Anyway,
McDonald’s has this promotion going where you get two Scrabble stickers
with your drink and two with your fries. It’s only for the large value
meals though. Basically you stick the stickers on the tray liner which has
a Scrabble game going and you win whatever words that match your stickers.
I got a D and an N for the fries. Forgot what I got with the drink. The
funny thing is, there is this Scrabble sticker on the bin asking you to
check for stickers before throwing away the wrappers. Cute. Just realized
that this has become a food centric blog. Oh well.

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