Yun Yun

I didn’t sleep last night to do a bit of revision and finish up my
assignment. Wanted to pass it to my lecturer early morning and then come
back to get some sleep before Spit Day. Things didn’t go exactly as
planned though, I got home at around 10:30 am and only went to bed
sometime before 12 pm. When I awoke again it was dark and looking at my
clock I saw it was already 8 pm. By the time I got to the mound, there
were only scraps of meat left and all the beer and Strongbow was gone.
Bummer. Anyway, I walked to the middle way place between Pinewood and
halls (don’t know what that place is called) to try that Chinese take away
place that I’ve never been to. At the lights before I crossed the road, I
saw this funny fender bender happen. The first car wanted to run the red
lights but changed his mind at the last minute and screeched to stop
slightly past the line. There was another car behind it (about 25 meters
or more) that stepped on the brakes too. She must be going pretty fast coz
that 25 meters wasn’t enough to stop her car. She slammed into the back of
the first car. 25 meters! I wonder how fast she was traveling. I think
they knew each other coz they didn’t even bother to get out of the car and
just drove away together.

Anyway, back to the take away place. It’s called Yun Yun and it has a very
old skool feel too it. It’s like it dropped straight out of the 1970s. I
like it though, it reminds me of this restaurant back home that has the
same decor. I felt like I was in 1970s China. Heh. It closes pretty early,
at 9 pm and thus there were no other customers inside when I went there at
around 8:57. I looked at my watch, that’s why I had the time down. There
were a couple of tables and benches inside so it’s not strictly a take
away place. It even had a dentist style waiting bench, complete with old
issues of magazines that nobody reads. Anyway, I had the sweet and sour
pork in batter (A$8) and a special fried rice (A$6). I like sweet and sour
pork, I had this a lot when I was younger so that must be why I always get
this inexplicable craving for it. The sweet and sour sauce was very nice,
not too sweet and not too sour as well. Pretty generous portions, it comes
in the standard takeaway rectangle boxes most Chinese food places here
use. The special fried rice comes with a lot of BBQ pork slices (char siew)
and chicken pieces. It also contains bean sprouts (!) my most hated
vegetable, so you should get the cook to hold the sprouts if you go there.
The brochure I got said that it has new management now, it’s now run by a
Colin and Anne Lew. The cook and cashier are both around 60 years old,
which adds to the 70s feel of the place. I like the fried rice, it has a

[] taste so I’ll be going back for more when I’m
craving for Chinese food.

Dentist bench for your waiting pleasure.

The tables. Complete with a slippery vinyl table cloth.

Old skool air conditioner in the upper right consolidates the 70s feel.

The cashier desk.

A peek into the kitchen.

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