Today is the last day of the semester. I’m going to catch the 8 am
shuttle to Caulfield and then hand in my assignment. After that, I’ll
have to see some of my lecturers and tutors and then get back and get
some sleep before Spit Day starts. Note to self: Remember to return the
overdue library book. Anyway, Spit Day is a Roberts Hall event that
marks the last day of the semester. Otherwise known as the Festival of
the Mound, there will be BBQs and some drinking on the mound, which is
a small hill in the central courtyard of Roberts Hall. On another note,
I saw someone trying to kill a spider with a keychain today. I was
walking up the stairs when I saw this girl trying to hit something on
the ceiling. Responding to my quizzical looks, she told me that there’s
a spider, pointing to the area above my head. Now this disturbed me
greatly, because I don’t like spiders. I have arachnophobia due to an
unfortunate incident when I was 7 years old, which involved a bathroom,
a large spider and running out of the bathroom naked. Anyway, back to
the spider incident, I was trying hard to remain nonchalant but my
steps instinctively become rather hurried while I hunched my shoulders
stiffly and prayed that the spider won’t suddenly decide to drop down
my neck. After reaching my floor safely I looked down and saw a spider
about the size of my palm crouching on the ceiling. Phew. I think I
would have produced a very unmanly noise if the spider really did jump
on me.

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