Last week’s Friday Five

Since I seem to have forgotten to do last week’s
Friday Five [],
I might as well do it now before the new one comes online in a couple of
hours. Better late than never. A saying that rates up there with “a gramme
is better than a damn”.

1. Where are you right now? In my room at my house in Sibu. Sadly,
I’m flying back to Melbourne on the 22nd of July, which is slightly more
than one week away. I always feel bummed when I’m about to go off, but at
least I only have one more year to go before I graduate.

2. What have you lost recently? My temper.

3. What was the first CD you ever purchased? Does that embarrass you

“To the Faithful Departed” by The Cranberries
[]. Nah, I’m
not embarrassed of it, coz I still like them. My favorite song off that
album is Electric Blue. Funny fact: I bought the CD before I even had a CD
player. Heh. Unfortunately, this led to many jokes which goes along the
lines of:

Friend: Look at that Gameboy game! Don’t you like (insert game title)?

Me: But I don’t even have a Gameboy?

Friend: Nevermind, get it first and you’ll be motivated to get a Gameboy
then. *cackle*

4. What is your favorite kind of writing pen? The
Pentopia Chameleon
[] for the Palm m505. I carry my Palm
everywhere so that means I have access to a pen at all times. Even though
the shape is hardly conducive to serious writing, its very handy to have a
pen whenever you need one.

5. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
[] tubs. Sinfully delicious and deliciously
rich. I have been known to finish 2L tubs in a single sitting. Little
wonder I weigh so much ever since I left for Melbourne.

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