Bowling Part III

Went bowling again with Daniel, Johnny, and Frank. Played three games,
however there was not
much improvement this time. Didn’t get a strike, got a couple of
spares though. Anyway, I saw this group beside us, it’s a family of 5.
Only the father was playing, while the wife was sitting there dutifully,
cheering when he bowled a good game, and making comforting comments when
he didn’t. For some reason, I felt kinda sad when I watched them. Granted,
I don’t know whether the wife wanted to play or is just content watching
him play. The man is what one would call the dominant husband type, the
wife is pretty submissive. Interesting. It’s not that I feel sorry for the
wife, coz I don’t know if she likes it that way, but that scene just seem
melancholic to me. Anyway, we went to North Star Cafe after that to get
some supper. Had some of their renowned deep fried yew char kueh (oil
fried pastries?) with mayonnaise.

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