Who likes me, dammit?

[someonelikesyou.com] aka the Fucking Email Farm (FEF)
tells me I have a secret admirer. Just out of curiosity, I clicked through
(it was an email) and…Lo! It asks you to “guess” the secret admirer’s
identity. Of course, you’ll need to provide it with the email address of
the person you think your secret admirer is. It is, after all, a FEF. It
gives you a “clue” along the lines of “Your secret admirer has brown hair”
every time you feed it 5 email addresses. And don’t think you can get by
with entering asd@asd.com. Nah, it seems
to check the emails veracity. Even entering
returns an “Invalid Email Recipient” error. You need to
enter a valid domain and user name. Please, don’t enter
asd@sixthseal.com, coz every email
sent to my mail server that has an invalid recipient all gets routed to
me@sixthseal.com. For the love of
God! Anyway, after you have exhausted it’s list of “hints” it asks you to
enter 10 email addresses of people you WANT to be your secret admirer.
This is the most blatant FEF I’ve ever seen in my life! Anyway, I have no
doubt that my email address was entered to meet the hints quota, instead
of me really having a secret admirer. The moral of this story is…RESIST
the temptation to use these “services”! Wouldn’t it be easier to mail the
person you’re interested in? In the off chance that I really do have a
secret admirer, don’t hesitate to
. Heh. Of course, that will nullify the secret part of
secret admirer
. Disclaimer: I already have a girlfriend, and I love
her. Not everything I write should be taken literally.

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