I went out for some Counter-Strike [] action with Chung
Hang and Johnny tonight. It seems that the game has lost much of it’s luster for me. I have
logged countless hours over this game and perhaps it’s time for me to move on. I’ll still play
every once in a while, but the game has lost much of it’s appeal to me. Oh well. Anyway, we
headed to the coffee shop beside the network gaming center for some food after our session and I
had some kampua mee. I love this stuff, and it can’t be found authentically outside of Sibu, so
I guess I’ll better eat up before I head back to Melbourne.

Which reminds me, the exam results for Monash University [] is coming out on the 18th
of July. That’s just one and a half days away from today. I’m not looking forward to the results
at all, because I know I’m gonna fail at least two subjects. Booyah.

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