I went out for some Counter-Strike [] action with Chung
Hang and Johnny tonight. It seems that the game has lost much of it’s luster for me. I have
logged countless hours over this game and perhaps it’s time for me to move on. I’ll still play
every once in a while, but the game has lost much of it’s appeal to me. Oh well. Anyway, we
headed to the coffee shop beside the network gaming center for some food after our session and I
had some kampua mee. I love this stuff, and it can’t be found authentically outside of Sibu, so
I guess I’ll better eat up before I head back to Melbourne.

Which reminds me, the exam results for Monash University [] is coming out on the 18th
of July. That’s just one and a half days away from today. I’m not looking forward to the results
at all, because I know I’m gonna fail at least two subjects. Booyah.

Mist Garden

I went out with my mates Daniel and Johnny tonight for some Counter-Strike action and found out
that I suck more and more now. I have decided to blame the st keyboard for my poor performance.
=D I give myself an A for effort though…heh, look at this picture:

(Click for a larger picture)


When night falls on Gotham City, Sibu, we put on our bat suits and save hostages that needs
saving, kick asses that needs kicking and take names that needs taking.

We headed down to the Mist Garden near the town post office for some photo taking. Daniel is a
photography nut too. Interestingly, there were two security guards there. I heard it’s coz the mist
pool was always getting vandalized or stolen, so they were stationed there. I asked whether it’s
possible to step into the pool, and the security guard said it’s okay if it’s only going to be for
a while. So here’s how that one turned out:

(Click for a larger picture)

Powering Up

Doing my best Gohan impression.

We also took a picture from the green lighted trees, which required some creative positioning of
the camera to get right. Finally, we put the digicam on a concrete water drainer that’s kinda
jutting out from the top of an incline. Perfect for the shot.

(Click for a larger picture)

Lost Souls

It seems that we have passed on to the next world. It’s nice down here though, lots of

Finally headed to the food court at Pedada to get something to eat. I had fried kueh tiaw.
Haven’t had that one in a while, so it tasted pretty good. The food court was packed, even though
it’s on a late weekday night. On another note, my girlfriend gave me some constructive criticism
regarding my blog. It appears that the design is too bland, so I’ll crack out the designing CDs and
revamp the website this holiday.

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