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I’m feeling rather nauseous now for some reason. The remedy for nausea for me is to eat Poh Chi
Kit pills. Now, you can’t bring this stuff into Australia because one of it’s ingredients (Radix
Angelicae) is a protected herb or something. I had to smuggle some in by putting it into my
pockets. Pretty sad to have to do this with legitimate drugs, eh? Anyway, I went down to the city
today to pay for my
Mt Buller YHA
[yha.com.au] accomodation.

YHA Travel in Hardware Lane, Melbourne.

Prepaid Hostel Booking slip. Mt Buller [mtbuller.com.au]…here I come!

I also applied for a Hostelling International [iyhf.org] card while I was there. Thus,
I paid the members fee (for the accommodation) of A$50 per night instead of the normal A$55.
Actually, I’m only eligible to apply for a YHA card, which can only be used in Australia, but at
the kind agent’s discretion, I got a Hostelling International card instead, which is A$32
instead of A$52. A Hostelling International card can be used all over the world too, and it has
all the same benefits as a YHA card in Australia.

Hostelling International membership card.

Anyway, after all that, I went in search of a backpack. I went to 5 or 6 shops before deciding
to settle for the one I saw at Kathmandu [kathmandu.com.au]. It’s a large backpack with
a detachable daypack. Pretty nifty. The daypack is rather small though, but I have the option of
getting a larger Gluon daypack and attaching it to one of the straps. The original price of this
backpack is A$459.50 but I got it for A$229.75 (50% discount). That’s a very good price for
backpacks of this size.

Well, I had dinner at Hungry Jack’s after that and took the train to Caulfield. I managed to
miss my lecture and ended up in the labs reading today’s lecture notes instead while waiting for my
7pm tutorial. I was waiting outside the (locked) tutorial room for 10 minutes before decided to
recheck my allocated time. Sure enough, I’m in T317 and I saw another tutorial in the same timeslot
at B457 so I decided to pop over and check. Nope, there was no one there too. I think it’s because
the labs and tutorials are on alternate weeks for this subject. No wonder, I had thought 6 hours
for one subject seems kinda stiff. My laboratory is tomorrow, so I’ll have to read up on the tute
notes and get ready for the graded exercise tomorrow.

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