Mt Buller Postmortem Part II

It has come to my attention that Vivien, my classmate from high school,
has set up a blog. You can visit her
here []
and someone should tell her that she doesn’t need to do 100 push ups after
just eating 4 cookies. Heh. =D

Anyway, I had a one hour break today and decided to pop into the campus
bookshop with my film developing slip to see if it has been processed. I
was told to check in on Thursday and the price lists states that APS film
takes 6 working days to develop. Well, guess what? They were erring on the
side of caution, because it was already done today! Woo hoo.

The pictures didn’t turn all out well. There were only a couple of
good ones in the bunch. I was pretty impressed with the girth of the
photos though. I took most of them in the panoramic setting so they turned
out really long. It seems that APS film can be developed either in C
(normal size), H (sized like a 16:9 television) or P (panoramic). APS
seems to be a pretty interesting film format. I’ve heard about it before,
but didn’t really know the specifics. If you’re interested, have a read
through the summary of the format


Well, developing APS film wasn’t as expensive as I thought, but it’s not
cheap either. The processing costs for the 25 exposure roll cost me A$21.50. That comes with 2 index
prints and a Kodak Picture CD though. Added to the cost of the disposable
camera (A$25), that comes to nearly A$50. Tsk tsk…sounds slightly disturbing,
because I’m used to taking pictures with a digicam. Anyway, here are the
pictures from Mt Buller on the day my digicam had a near death experience.

A panoramic shot of me at the bottom of Blue Bullet 1 quad chairlift. This
picture was scanned from the prints.

Carving up the slopes. This picture is taken from the Kodak Picture CD.
The quality of the images in the CD is really bad, you can get much higher
resolutions by scanning in the pictures manually instead of getting a
Picture CD.

This is the friendly manager of YHA in Mt Buller.

Ripping the blue Summit run.

A really grainy shot of the village from the chairlift. A lot of the
pictures turned out badly because there was condensation on the lens of
the camera, and I didn’t realize it. Furthermore, a third of the pictures
have been slightly obstructed by my gloves. The viewfinder of disposables
are not exactly the most accurate things, because I could have sworn that
I see the glove in the viewfinder.

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Mt Buller Postmortem Part I

I just arrived back in Melbourne an hour ago, hurting all over. Heh. It
was a very good weekend, I got a lot of runs in and it was snowing every
day too.

It’s snowing!

I actually only skied 2 out of the 3 days I was there, because I
only arrived at 1:30 pm on the first day and couldn’t justify paying for a
full day lift ticket. I just walked around the village and slopes during
the first day because I could only check into YHA at 5 pm.

This is where I stayed.

I skied the second day and boarded on the third.

Skiing down Bourke Street.

It was pretty punishing
because I was really out of shape. Loved it though. =D I did a couple of
runs down Bourke Street (a green run) on the first day and then went down
the blue Shakey Knees run. I didn’t know it was a blue run until I was
halfway down, and thought…hey, this is pretty steep. I was enjoying
myself so much, I went into an aggressive alpine crouch to pick up speed
(woo hoo adrenaline rush) and wiped out towards the end in an effort to
avoid a stopped skier. Very nice run, but a bit embarrassing on the lift
up. It was a T-bar lift and I unconsciously sat down on the T-bar and
tipped it (I was riding alone) while it was going up an incline. Bourke
Street seems rather anti-climatic after that.

View from Blue Bullet 1 quad chair lift.

I did catch the Quiksilver
GP at night but couldn’t take any photos because it seems that my digicam
does not like snow. I put it into my pants while skiing and forgot to do
up the zip, and as a result, snow got into the pocket and got the digicam
wet. It won’t even start up after that, but after a day of drying out, it
can be started up and the view pictures function is still working and I
can still copy out the pictures, but some buttons seem to be disabled. Doh!
I should have done up my pants zipper but I must have forgotten after
taking it out to snap some photos. (Update – I just tried starting up
my digicam and everything works now. Damn, the Nikon 885 is one tough

Blue Bullet 1 chair lift area.

Anyway, I got a disposable film camera on the second
day before I went boarding. Oh, one funny thing happened today. I went up
to the blue Summit run even though I’m not that good at boarding. I went
for a regular aligned board even though I’m a goofy on a skateboard. I was
carving up the slopes of the summit when the fog rolled in and I
accidentally went down a wrong run. I saw a black diamond flash past and
stopped near the Howqua black run. I had the choice of taking the Kofler’s
T-bar which goes up a steep incline (I do not like heights), taking a long
trek back up the blue Chute run or try to carve black Hawqua. If you’re
not familiar with the color codes, greens are easy runs, blues are for
intermediates and blacks are for experts only. I’ll rather go down black
diamond Hawqua
than take the T-bar up the steep Chute incline coz it will only take one look
down for me to piss my pants. Heh. The end of Hawqua wasn’t really hard
actually, but there are several hazards, including one steep turn that
only has netting between you and a drop down the slopes. I didn’t do too
good though, coz the powdery snow was pretty hard to navigate with my
board. I accidentally did a hard toe edge brake and started losing my
balance. I had the presence of mind to do an ollie to compensate for the
drift but ended up carving my toe edge straight into the power and I must
have flipped 5 meters and ended up face first in the snow. Oh boy…I
couldn’t stand up for a full minute. Heh. I had the wind knocked out of me
and I felt like I cracked a rib. That’s a nasty way to fall, I
reckon…falling ass first is okay, that’s not painful, but going face
first is pretty horrible. Anyway, that’s it for today. I have to wake up
at 7 am tomorrow for my ITPM group meeting. Stay tuned for Part II
tomorrow. I still have a bunch of pictures that’s not up from the
disposable film camera. I’m going to get it developed tomorrow.

Enjoying the fire in the main village.

Read Mount Buller Part II.

My mountain

I’m going to sleep now so I can wake up early tomorrow to catch the 8:30 am coach from Spencer
Street Station to Mt Buller []. I’ll be arriving there at
approximately 1:30 pm so there is still time to hit the slopes. =D If you’re so inclined, you
can try and catch me on one of these Snow Cams []:

Bourke St.

Village Square


Little Buller Spur

Chamois (FIS World Aerials Jump

Shakey Knees

WARNING – Looking at people on holidays having a good time could make you envious.

Anyway, I’ve done some laundry yesterday, so I’ll actually have stuff to wear on my ski trip.
Laundry day is always annoying for me. There are only 8 clothes dryers in the laundry room and 3 of
them are out of service at the moment and two of them doesn’t really dry clothes so everyone is in
contention for the remaining two dryers.

Roberts Hall Laundry Room.

I decided to head over to the Richardson Hall laundry room to dry my clothes. They have rows and
rows of dryers, all spanking new. It’s only about 100 meters from the Roberts Hall laundry room
too, so it’s pretty convenient. Heh.

Richardson Hall Laundry Room.

Well, it was warm today when I woke up so I decided to wear a shirt instead. Put my cell phone
into the shirt pocket and then decided to change because I wanted to wear that shirt tomorrow. But
unfortunately, I forgot to take my cell phone out of the shirt pocket so I didn’t have my cell with
me today. When I got back, my cell phone wasn’t in the shirt pocket as I thought, and my room is
really messy, so I had to get a friend to call me so I could triangulate the source and find my
cell phone. Note to self: Remember to bring along the cell phone charger and the adapter +
digicam battery charger.
Anyway, I won’t be blogging until Sunday night (GMT +10) when I get
back, so in the meantime, enjoy the Snow Cams.

YHA Travel

I’m feeling rather nauseous now for some reason. The remedy for nausea for me is to eat Poh Chi
Kit pills. Now, you can’t bring this stuff into Australia because one of it’s ingredients (Radix
Angelicae) is a protected herb or something. I had to smuggle some in by putting it into my
pockets. Pretty sad to have to do this with legitimate drugs, eh? Anyway, I went down to the city
today to pay for my
Mt Buller YHA
[] accomodation.

YHA Travel in Hardware Lane, Melbourne.

Prepaid Hostel Booking slip. Mt Buller []…here I come!

I also applied for a Hostelling International [] card while I was there. Thus,
I paid the members fee (for the accommodation) of A$50 per night instead of the normal A$55.
Actually, I’m only eligible to apply for a YHA card, which can only be used in Australia, but at
the kind agent’s discretion, I got a Hostelling International card instead, which is A$32
instead of A$52. A Hostelling International card can be used all over the world too, and it has
all the same benefits as a YHA card in Australia.

Hostelling International membership card.

Anyway, after all that, I went in search of a backpack. I went to 5 or 6 shops before deciding
to settle for the one I saw at Kathmandu []. It’s a large backpack with
a detachable daypack. Pretty nifty. The daypack is rather small though, but I have the option of
getting a larger Gluon daypack and attaching it to one of the straps. The original price of this
backpack is A$459.50 but I got it for A$229.75 (50% discount). That’s a very good price for
backpacks of this size.

Well, I had dinner at Hungry Jack’s after that and took the train to Caulfield. I managed to
miss my lecture and ended up in the labs reading today’s lecture notes instead while waiting for my
7pm tutorial. I was waiting outside the (locked) tutorial room for 10 minutes before decided to
recheck my allocated time. Sure enough, I’m in T317 and I saw another tutorial in the same timeslot
at B457 so I decided to pop over and check. Nope, there was no one there too. I think it’s because
the labs and tutorials are on alternate weeks for this subject. No wonder, I had thought 6 hours
for one subject seems kinda stiff. My laboratory is tomorrow, so I’ll have to read up on the tute
notes and get ready for the graded exercise tomorrow.

Hitting the slopes

Went to check my pigeon hole after I got back from classes today and found a card from my
girlfriend (you’re the best, dear), my Optus bill (Hmph…) and a brochure from Mt Buller. Winterfest is from 7/6/02 – 27/6/02 but I’ll be
back home then, so I’ll probably go after I come back here during the second semester. Christmas
Week (29/7/02 – 2/8/02) is the best time to go. There will be heaps of people during that time
though, so be prepared to queue for the ski lifts. Ah…I’m looking forward to it already.

Place your hands here

Days till I get my digital camera: 3

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