My mountain

I’m going to sleep now so I can wake up early tomorrow to catch the 8:30 am coach from Spencer
Street Station to Mt Buller []. I’ll be arriving there at
approximately 1:30 pm so there is still time to hit the slopes. =D If you’re so inclined, you
can try and catch me on one of these Snow Cams []:

Bourke St.

Village Square


Little Buller Spur

Chamois (FIS World Aerials Jump

Shakey Knees

WARNING – Looking at people on holidays having a good time could make you envious.

Anyway, I’ve done some laundry yesterday, so I’ll actually have stuff to wear on my ski trip.
Laundry day is always annoying for me. There are only 8 clothes dryers in the laundry room and 3 of
them are out of service at the moment and two of them doesn’t really dry clothes so everyone is in
contention for the remaining two dryers.

Roberts Hall Laundry Room.

I decided to head over to the Richardson Hall laundry room to dry my clothes. They have rows and
rows of dryers, all spanking new. It’s only about 100 meters from the Roberts Hall laundry room
too, so it’s pretty convenient. Heh.

Richardson Hall Laundry Room.

Well, it was warm today when I woke up so I decided to wear a shirt instead. Put my cell phone
into the shirt pocket and then decided to change because I wanted to wear that shirt tomorrow. But
unfortunately, I forgot to take my cell phone out of the shirt pocket so I didn’t have my cell with
me today. When I got back, my cell phone wasn’t in the shirt pocket as I thought, and my room is
really messy, so I had to get a friend to call me so I could triangulate the source and find my
cell phone. Note to self: Remember to bring along the cell phone charger and the adapter +
digicam battery charger.
Anyway, I won’t be blogging until Sunday night (GMT +10) when I get
back, so in the meantime, enjoy the Snow Cams.

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