I just finished watching this, um…brilliant movie. It’s about an Indian girl who is
living in Hounslow and her desire to play football. Being in a conservative family, her parents do
not approve and just wants her to be able to cook and get married to a nice Indian man. She meets
up with another girl who is playing in a local women’s team and the story goes from there. I won’t
spoil it for you, but if you like soccer, British humor or watching women soccer players changing
into their kits, then don’t miss out on this one. Oh, and if you have a foot fetish, you’ll enjoy
this one as well. Plenty of feet shots, and there’s even a scene where the coach massages the feet
of one of his players, if you like stuff like that. =D Interesting fact, IMDB [imdb.com] says that Keira Knightley (the girl
who plays Jules) was also in Star Wars Episode I as a handmaiden of Queen Amidala.

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  1. A thoughtful opinion and ideas I will use on my blog. You’ve obviously spent a lot of time on this. Well done!

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