Indo Calling Card

      I’ve just discovered this calling card recently after reading a poster
      advertising rates of 6.9 cents a minute to Malaysia. This is the cheapest
      rates I’ve ever seen here. When I first arrived in Melbourne in 2000, the
      cheapest I could get is the Apple calling card at 20c per minute. But soon
      after that, the market was flooded with a deluge of calling cards and the
      lowest price dropped to 18c and then 15c and then 12c and then 9.9c just a
      couple of months ago. Regarding this card, it’s called Indo Calling Card
      and offers 6.9 cents a minute to Malaysian land lines and 9.9c to mobile

      <img src=”” border=”0″ height=”162″ width=”252″></p>

      There is a green apple logo at the bottom of this calling card, which is
      the logo of the Apple calling card. Sure enough, the familiar and very
      annoying female voice thanked me for selecting Apple communications. Damn,
      that voice is loud and grating. This card also has the Apple calling card
      “feature” where you can’t key in the PIN number until the jingle is over.
      It’s not a short jingle too…so after a while you do get a bit tired of
      having to listen to a loud, grating voice reminding you to enter the
      number of the destination you want to dial “fashioned in double oh double
      one followed by the country code…”. I can’t complain about the prices
      though. 6.9 cents is about as low as you can get.</p>

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