Sleep is good

I saw this Cultural Carnival going on at the campus grounds this morning as I was on my way to
class. I didn’t get to really check it out coz I was in a hurry, but there were some food being
prepared and a group playing bagpipes on stage.

The Korean booth at Cultural Carnival.

Anyway, I got my gym membership card today and a reciprocal card so I can use any of the gyms in
the campuses (there are six in Melbourne alone) of Monash University. Which reminds me (I won’t
know why it reminds me, it just did) I have to wake up tomorrow at 7 am to prepare for a client
meeting for my Industrial Experience project. That leaves…lemme see…about 4 hours of shuteye if
I prepare to go to sleep now. Sounds like a good idea. I had an issue very recently. As it turns out, it was bed bugs. Thankfully I was able to find do it yourself treatment options online so it wasn’t too much of a hassle, but still a little gross to find out. At least that’s taken care of now. I’m not sure how long I dealt with it to be honest, but it was a pretty long time if memory serves. I’m going to be more mindful of that from here on that’s for sure.

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