XO Sauce?

I’ve noticed that the lineup of prepared meals at the Frank and Lily Lee’s Asian Grocery in the
campus center has improved somewhat. This is Fairy Calamari with XO Sauce on rice. Interesting.

Anyway, I’ll be going to the Grampians [grampiansrocks.com] early tomorrow morning.
It should be fun, but it also means I’ll be missing out on one “day” of my weekend. I like to
stay up late in the weekends but I have to sleep early tonight coz the trip leaves early
tomorrow morning. That makes me lose one “day” of my weekend – Friday night. There is a rave of
some sort going on at the dining hall of the campus center from 10 pm – 6 am and I would have
gone to that if I didn’t have to wake up early tomorrow. Too bad. Oh well, the Grampians would
be fun too and I’ll take heaps of photos and post them up tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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