Little Miss Muffet…

I hate spiders. There is this spider which is quite big sitting on the
ceiling above my head. That is very disconcerting indeed. I felt my chair
brush against my leg just now and I jumped 3 meters up, thinking it was
the spider. Disturbing. I hope it doesn’t crawl all over me when I sleep

Anyway, I had to go to my uni this morning to work on one of my group
assignments. There seem to be quite a few people in the labs working on
assignments and such. Surprising to see such a crowd on Sunday. Of course,
it’s not as populated as weekdays, but there is a pretty good turnout.
Today was such a nice day too, all warm and sunny, which makes it even
more surprising that so many people would want to be holed up in the labs.
Anyway, it seems that a lot of restaurants are closed on Sundays, so we
chose a Thai food place called Derby Thai for lunch. It was one of the few
places that opens on Sundays. The food is okay but I really liked the
banana flavored grass jelly drink. Nice.

Shit, the spider just moved.

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