Assignments galore!

Well, I haven’t been updating much these few days. I’m actually
swamped by work but it should abate somewhat after this weekend. I’m
very looking forward to my mid semester break after Week 10. It’s the
end of Week 7 now, so it’s still two weeks away. I’m planning to go
somewhere. I saw this advertisement for a 7 day Tasmania holiday for
only A$300. That seems pretty cheap but I can’t afford to go on a 7 day
holiday while doing my IE project. Not just because my group partners
will kill me, but because I have other assignments due after the mid
semester break. Heh. Perhaps a 3 day holiday will not be out of the
question so I’m thinking about where to go. Somewhere near like Sydney
or Canberra probably. We’ll see. Anyway, I was doing my assignments in
the psychology faculty labs today and I passed by what they call a
Sleep Lab. There was a guy in there with electrodes all over his head
and a couple of students were reading off a monitor which is analyzing
his brain wave patterns. How interesting. Anyway, I’m going to catch
some sleep now. More updates tomorrow.

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