Breaking news: Monash University Clayton Campus, Melbourne shooting

(Updated throughout the day)

Official Monash University statement

Monash shooting helpline: 03-9545 6961 or 03-9545 6579

Toll: 2 dead, 5 hospitalized (1 in critical condition).


Image (c) Mario Borg/The Age

  • Gunman is Huan Yun Xiang, a fourth-year commerce honors student who has trouble with
  • He was supposed to give his final presentation in econometrics today.
  • He brought a revolver and a semi-automatic handgun instead.
  • He has been arrested and is in St Kilda police station.
  • Read this []
    to understand his possible motives. It’s sad, really. But what he did was wrong.

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Update: Shooter Identity (Source: Halls Direct Connect server chat room) –
Unverified Verified

<Carve2> Okay, official info to follow, I have a friend who was in that class
<Carve2> On the shooting
<Carve2> Honours Econometrics class, student in class had a total of 6 handguns and opened
fire on his classmates
<killuminati> so it wasn’t an outsider?
<Carve2> Apparently stressed out over a presentation he had that day
<Carve2> no, it was a student
<killuminati> icic
<killuminati> thats a bit harsh…shooting up the class over a presentation
<Carve2> The other students basically overwhelmed him and held him till police arrived
<The_Great_S@t@n> is your friend doing OK?
<Carve2> Yeah, he’s fine, just a bit shook up, as you would be!
<The_Great_S@t@n> yeah….. one of my mates doing honours with the guys in the class, he
went and visited some of the injured people, says one guy got shot through both knees, he’ll be OK
eventually he says, and a girl who got shot through the cheek, he didn’t get too see her
<The_Great_S@t@n> Did anyone go to the information session @ 6pm?
<Carve2> No, was tutoring
<The_Great_S@t@n> the policeman said there were 4 guns, and one of the deceased was an
international student, otherwise just calmed everyone down, said Monash was probably the best
Victorian Uni when it comes to security.

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‘not’ to blame: NUS

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rampage visits more terror on Australians

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no longer invulnerable after Monash shooting

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policies to blame for shootings: NUS

Update: There will be a counselor available all day in the MRS Theatre for all Halls of
Residence residents who needs it.

Update: The cell phone lines are clogged for a couple of hours following the shooting due to
everyone calling at once, but it’s okay now.

There was an announcement over the halls PA system this morning, requesting that we do not go to
the university because there has been an incident. It seems that there has been a shooting at the
campus and the gunman is still at large. Well, being a curious sort, I headed down myself to see.
Everyone at the university is rather hard pressed for information, but from several reports I’ve
heard, it seems that there has been a shooting at the Robert Menzies building. 5 people
were shot
(Update: 8 people were shot) (Update: 7
people were shot
Update: 10 people were shot – 2 people are confirmed dead, 5
people are in the hospital and 3 more are injured
. The unidentified gunman apparently walked
into either a tutorial or a lecture (conflicting reports) and opened fire. There
was a guy beside me who was actually in the tute, but he didn’t see the gunman coz he was facing
the other way. Next thing he knew, everyone was running out and there was this girl with blood all
over her saying “Help me”. Hmm…there seems to be a lot of school shootings, but not that many uni
shootings. It’s a media circus at the Clayton campus right now. I counted 5 news helicopters and 2
fixed wing planes circling the campus. I still don’t know what happened to the gunman at this point
(Update: Gunman was overpowered by other students and has been arrested. He’s being held at the
Glen Waverley police station
), but the campus is crawling with police and the Menzies building
has been cordoned off. The police have been talking to everyone around the area. I didn’t stay for
long coz I only got 3 hours of sleep last night but the media is camped out in front of the Law
faculty, awaiting a police statement. Check The Age [] and Herald Sun [] for breaking
news. (Update: Seems to be gang related, the victims and the gunman are all
{Update: The shooting seems indiscriminate)

Students around the crime scene and a couple of early news people.

The media interviewing some students.

More news people behind the police tape. I was standing on the Law Faculty walkway when I took

The media talking to a police spokesman.

The forensics department being escorted past the cordon.

A guy in the Menzies building. The news people started snapping pics of him when he poked his
head out, so I did too. Heh. Note: This is not a hostage situation, it’s a shooting. Another rumor
going around is that it’s a terrorist related bombing or shooting. It’s not.

A detective walking towards the crime scene.

The air ambulance that evacuated one of the guys who was shot in the stomach.

Crime scene investigators heading into the building.

Oh, and do you know why all those people at these type of incidents all look so grim-assed?
Accounting for different personality types, it’s pretty obvious that not everyone is going to be
looking sad or scared. The reason?

News photographer: “Okay, I’m going to take a photo of you people now. Please don’t smile and
look serious.”

There you go.


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services set up at Monash Uni

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shootings suspect showed no emotion: witness

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students to reassure their families

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two, injures five at Monash Uni

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tell of confusion after university shootings

Link: Where the shooting happened

Link: Two dead, five injured in
Monash Uni shooting

Link: Two dead, eight injured in
Monash Uni shooting

Call your loved ones if you’re a student at Monash University to tell them you’re okay.

From the article:

Police have released two phone numbers for family and friends of Monash University students to
call for information about the fatal shootings.

The numbers are (03) 9545 6961 and (03) 9545 6575.

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