CSE3153 Network Administration Postmortem

Hmm…I found the paper pretty easy today. I was expecting more technical stuff and read up on
ASN.1 packet details and stuff like that. What came out was more general and abstract though, but
that’s just as well, it made things easy. I noticed that I haven’t held a pen since the exam last
semester. Heh. It seems that my course has a lot more to do with keyboard input rather than pen and
paper. The downside to this was my hands were cramped and sore after only 10 minutes of (hard)
writing. Lack of practice, eh.

Expected Grade: Credit

Anyway, I headed down to Chadstone after that with the intention to renew my health insurance
premium. However, I was told that I needed my enrolment statement and my passport to do it, so I
guess I’ll have to go back again after my exams. However, I did get some doughnuts from Donut King
for dinner. Mmm…sprinkles.

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