CSE2203 Information Technology Project Management Postmortem

Well…I didn’t do too well in this exam. I was rather appalled when I first
read the exam paper. I found out that I’ve been concentrating on the wrong stuff. However, I did
manage to rally up a bit and wrote what I feel was right, so I should be able to pass. The past few
year’s exams all had Gantt charts, which is like a free 11 marks, but it didn’t come out this year.
Bummer. Oh well.

Expected Grade: Pass

Anyway, the Doom III Alpha 0.02 (the E3 demo) has been leaked. I downloaded it
last night, but didn’t manage to unzip it until today. It damn near took 8 minutes just to unzip
the RAR file. It took another 2 minutes just to start and get to the new id animation with the
hybrid metal/flesh heart fusion loop. I tried bringing down the console and typed map
and waited for 25 minutes while my aging Athlon 750 w/ 128 mb RAM and a GeForce 2 MX
tried to load the demo, but gave up after that. It was an exercise is patience, and patience is a
commodity that has eluded me thus far.

This is an er…a screenshot of the Doom III alpha. =D

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