CSE3002 Distributed Computing Systems Postmortem

Well I’ll be damned. The questions that came out today were EXACTLY the same
as the Semester 2 2000 one and the Semester 2 2001 one. I had read the past year exam papers, which
were actually removed from the past exams database and yet, available under a different course
code. By inferring and extrapolating, I had expected this year’s questions to be the same, and I
wasn’t disappointed. I would have done better though if I’d gotten some sleep though. It was hard
trying to recall facts that I already know and I’m sure there were some “cross-contamination”.
Cross-contamination is the phenomenon that occurs where you mix up the answers of one question with
another. The borders start getting fuzzy after a lack of sleep, you know. I might get a Distinction
if I’m lucky, but I’m going to be conservative here and predict:

Expected Grade: Credit

It’s off to bed for me. I haven’t had any sleep last night.

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