There is no spoon

I just had a really vivid sense of deja vu. I was looking at this picture here

and it suddenly washed over me that I’ve experienced this exact
scene before. I think I dreamt about it many months ago. I remember
looking at this picture and loading up a content management system,
which was odd considering I ran an old skool HTML blog back then. Hmm…
Anyway, I was having real trouble parsing sentences out of words at my
client meeting today. I couldn’t think properly and ended up making a
lot of grammatically unsound sentences. I wasn’t able to even
communicate with myself. I’m concerned, is it due to lack of sleep or
something more sinister? Perhaps I should take it easy with the synapse
degrading, neuron impairing and general cerebral culling substances. πŸ™‚
Anyway, there was this group of people setting up the final arts
exhibition at the ground floor of B block today. I happened to pass by
while going to my client meeting and took a couple of pics, including
the one that gave me the deja vu, even though I didn’t knew it then. It
only fell into place as I sat here looking at the picture and intending
to open up Movable Type. Interesting. Here are the pictures:

Mmm…strange phallic structure.

Ah…this must be about the media’s portrayal of women or something.

This one is my favourite.

I said a lot of “fucks” just now coz I had to rewrite this post. Note to self: Do not use Paste when you intend to Copy.

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