Melancholy, my bride

This was taken while driving this evening in a thunderstorm. The black thingy is the windscreen wiper.

It was absolutely pouring with rain when I was driving home this
evening. You just don’t get this kind of rain in Melbourne. It was a
fierce sort of rain, relentless and loud and making visibility near
zero. There were thunderstorms and lightning and what not and you’ll
get drenched in a second if you’re not under some sort of cover. I have
loved storms like this ever since I was in Form One. Form One – Form
Two were afternoon classes in my high school and it usually finishes by
either 5:45 pm or 6:25 pm. It would be getting dark by then and I used
to wish for heavy rain at the end of a Friday. I had to walk quite a
distance to wait for my mom to pick me up in front of a bakery and when
it rained, it was lovely to walk along the long stretch of road leading
to the bakery. It would be getting dark and the rain would be pouring
down, soaking my uniform and I’ll walk slowly and happily, savoring the
fact that there was a weekend ahead of me. I loved the feeling of rain
soaking me and getting me thoroughly wet. I think the combination of
dusk + rain gave the whole thing a melancholic tone, which I really
liked. That was one of my strongest memories of Form One (age 13).

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