I made a trip report not long ago about Kai Sing Guo (Fruit of Happiness)
[] but I did not know what it was then. I’ve since found
out that it is Nimetazepam, a benzodiazepine. I had suspected it was a
benzo then. Heh. The tablet I got is the brand name Erimin tablets,
otherwise known as Erimin-5 which contains 5 mg of Nimetazepam. How did
I find this out? I have been reading the news lately and saw a lot of
drug busts involving methamphetamines, ketamine and Erimin-5 tablets.
Puzzled as to what this Erimin-5 thingy was, I did a Google search and
found out that it is Nimetazepam. Put this URL:

thru the Bablefish [] to translate from Japanese -> English and you get this tidbit of information:

Characteristic condition
Color * medicine shape
Element lock of light orange
Diameter approximately 8mm
Identification code
@ 028/5
General name

If you look at my pictures, that is exactly the same imprint code
(028/5) and color. This is further supported by the fact that there has
been a lot of busts of these pills in the Singapore/Malaysia region
lately (indicating supply). What I’m puzzled about is why people would
want to pay RM 15 for one of these when you can get 5 mg of Xanax
(alprazolam) for the same price? However, Nimetazepam does seem to be
slightly more euphoric. I’m glad I took it though, coz Nimetazepam is
one of the rarer benzodiazepines. Okay, mystery solved. 🙂


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