Bermain main dengan doktor

main doktor

Hari in dalam Sejarah. Saya pergi ke doktor baru untuk cakap cakap
dan ambil dadah (medikasi). Kamu semua tahu saya biasa cakap apa lah.
Doktor ini cuba letak saya dalam terapi SSRI tapi saya sesungguhnya
bertaruh untuk nak benzodiazepine. Saya memang cakap baik baik lah,
macam kawan, saya cakap dengan doktor.

Ada satu benda sangat lucu. Doktor itu tengok saya dan cakap “Saya
dapat lihat kamu tidak akan main ubat ini jadi ok lah”. Hahaha! Saya
hampir ketawa hingga perut sakit. Tapi saya tahan. Saya tahan dan cakap
“Ya, saya tahu medikasi ini adalah restrikted, saya memang ambil untuk
mengawal kondisi saya sahaja”.

“Baik”, kata doktor itu. Hehehe! Lucu hingga saya hamper tertawa
keluar, tapi nasib baik tidak. Yang paling memuaskan adalah caj untuk
semua ini. Doktor ini pandai, tahu bagi 30 pill untuk 2 minggu (14
hari) jadi ada extra. πŸ™‚ Saya dibagi (semua generic) 0.5 mg alprazolam
(Xanax) untuk dimakan pagi dan petang (1 mg sehari) dan 10 mg
nitrazepam (Mogadon) untuk dimakan malam (2 x 5 mg). Semua ini untuk RM
36 sahaja!!!

xanax relax
The doctor put “relax” on the alprazolam pack. I kid you not. I shall relax then. πŸ˜‰

Ini adalah Main-main Dengan Doktor Edisi #6. Ini adalah edisi
terakhir kerana ini adalah skript tidak habis habis, jadi saya sudah
cukup benzodiazepines.

English version:

main doktor xanax
0.5 mg APO-ALPRAZOLAM (generic Xanax) pills

Today in History. I went to a new doctor to have a chat and to get
some drugs (medication). You all know what I always say. This doctor
tried to put me on SSRI therapy but I insisted for benzodiazepines.
Naturally, I spoke politely, like friends even, with the doctor.

There’s one thing that’s really funny. The doctor looked at me and
said “I can see that you’re not the type that would abuse these drugs,
so okay”. Hahaha! I nearly shit my pants laughing. But I managed to
control my mirth. I composed myself and said “Yeah, I know these
medications are restricted for a reason, so I always take it just to
control my condition”.

“Good”, said the doctor. Hehehe! OMG, that was so funny, I nearly
laughed out loud, good thing I didn’t. The best part about this is the
bill for the medication. This doctor is good, he gave me 30 pills for 2
weeks (14 days) so there’s extra. πŸ™‚ I was given (all generics) 0.5 mg
alprazolam (Xanax) mornings and afternoons (1 mg daily) and 10 mg
nitrazepam (Mogadon) nights (2 x 5 mg). All this for only RM 36!!!

nitrazepam blister pack
5 mg Nitrapam (generic Nitrazepam) by MPI in blister packs

This is Playing Around With Doctors Issue #6 (Doctor Shopping
Kuching #6). This is the last (final) edition since I got a permanent
script off this doctor as well, so I have enough benzodiazepines to

P/S – My apologies for the less than eloquent English translation. I
wrote this in Bahasa Malaysia first and I had to translate it from
there so there may be fragmented sentences, inaccuracies in grammer etc.


I made a trip report not long ago about Kai Sing Guo (Fruit of Happiness)
[] but I did not know what it was then. I’ve since found
out that it is Nimetazepam, a benzodiazepine. I had suspected it was a
benzo then. Heh. The tablet I got is the brand name Erimin tablets,
otherwise known as Erimin-5 which contains 5 mg of Nimetazepam. How did
I find this out? I have been reading the news lately and saw a lot of
drug busts involving methamphetamines, ketamine and Erimin-5 tablets.
Puzzled as to what this Erimin-5 thingy was, I did a Google search and
found out that it is Nimetazepam. Put this URL:

thru the Bablefish [] to translate from Japanese -> English and you get this tidbit of information:

Characteristic condition
Color * medicine shape
Element lock of light orange
Diameter approximately 8mm
Identification code
@ 028/5
General name

If you look at my pictures, that is exactly the same imprint code
(028/5) and color. This is further supported by the fact that there has
been a lot of busts of these pills in the Singapore/Malaysia region
lately (indicating supply). What I’m puzzled about is why people would
want to pay RM 15 for one of these when you can get 5 mg of Xanax
(alprazolam) for the same price? However, Nimetazepam does seem to be
slightly more euphoric. I’m glad I took it though, coz Nimetazepam is
one of the rarer benzodiazepines. Okay, mystery solved. πŸ™‚


More Erimin (nimetazepam) posts and pictures on

Another experience report on Erimin 5 []

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